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The Open Journal System (OJS) by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) system... see more

This set of instructor-focused ancillary materials was created under a Round Eleven Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials... see more

Networking Minds for Open Innovation, Solving Complex Problems (video), When you unleash the power of diverse points of... see more

The Creating a Research Space [C.A.R.S.] Model was developed by John Swales based upon his analysis of journal... see more

This is a textbook designed for a Sociology class in Women's Studies. 

Sociological theories are the core and underlying strength of the discipline. They guide researchers in their studies;... see more

The average person lives too narrow a life to get a clear understanding of today’s complex social world. Our daily lives... see more

Civic engagement can be described as working to improve the civic life of communities and developing the skills and... see more

This activity is designed to help students distinguish between the concepts of social status and social role. It... see more

AI4All Open Learning Platform (Launching 2019) is a free, accessible, online AI curriculum meant for understanding how AI... see more

This page is a resource explaining the sociological concept of sexuality. I provide an overview of sexual practices in... see more

Guide to teaching Social Problems using Open Educational Resources This Guide to teaching Social Problems using Open... see more

The kibbutz (Hebrew word for “communal settlement”) is a unique rural community; a society dedicated to mutual aid and... see more

Propaganda was central to Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic. The German Propaganda Archive includes both... see more

Since it was founded in 1961, the OECD has helped governments design better policies for better lives for their citizens... see more

Often students have difficulty understanding how their values shape their perspective and actions.  This website helps... see more

Often students have difficulty understanding how earlier generations influence our attitudes and behaviors through... see more

Can two countries at war dare to empathize with one another? Step by methodical step, sociologist Sam Richards gives his... see more

MDPI Books Library contains 600+ Open Access Books & Series/Open Access Monographs covering subjects in: Bioengineering,... see more

The 2019 National Academies report "Open Science by Design: Realizing a Vision for 21st Century Research" discusses the... see more

This book offers students a comprehensive introduction to many issues facing families today. The author explores... see more

This is an Introductory Sociology Course developed through the Ohio Department of Higher Education OER Innovation Grant.... see more

Spark lively classroom discussion around current events with SAGE Lecture Spark free lecture launchers. Designed to save... see more

This is a site put together by a librarian that includes suggested resources for Introduction to Sociology, Social Work,... see more