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"This tutorial is divided into sections: The Indiana University Definition Overview: when and how to give credit;... see more

This site provides strategies, ideas, and recommendations for improving the writing skilss of college students.  The... see more

This site explains what is meant by classroom incivility and also why it occurs.  It also provides some suggestions for... see more

"Elements of classroom management vary. In researching this topic, it is clear that a common understanding for the term... see more

This is a group of interview of faculty members on the subject of quantitative literacy (QL):its importance for society,... see more

Although this site is oriented towards the Geosciences, the materials is pertinent to all disciplines. The authors... see more

This site provices 'ten things you can do to make your large lecture course more manageable and effective with reduced... see more

'Teachers have a lot to do with their students' motivational level. A student may arrive in class with a certain degree... see more

This article suggests that it is not enough for educated individuals to read well and think logically. People need to... see more

This author provides several suggestions for improving quantitative literacy skills including: Spend less time on small... see more

Since most large classes deal with lectures by instructors, many students are not engaged with the content of the course.... see more

This article recognizes the need for remedial skills needed for incoming freshmen and the lack of technical and... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is offered in conjunction with MIT's OpenCourseWare.  This book "is a guide to... see more

This is a free textbook from BookBoon. This book 'is the outcome of the lectures delivered to the students by the author... see more

'There’s no discounting the importance of the first day of class. What happens that day sets the tone for the rest of the... see more

This is a guide created for faculty members. 'This booklet is based on the premise that writing is more than just an... see more

"This site provides practical strategies to address teaching problems across the disciplines. These strategies are firmly... see more

'Most students understand, in a general way, that their academic achievements are premised on academic integrity:... see more

This is a guide for students that will help them improve their writing skills.  The guide discusses paragraph development... see more

'Perhaps one of the greatest challenges to overcome in teaching first-year students is the fact that they come from... see more

'In this free eBook, learning and training professionals ask to the question “What Keeps You Up At Night”. Their... see more