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Motivate students to revise their writing through self-publishing fiction, creating podcasts and YouTube videos, writing... see more

Too often, we're expecting students to learn material without asking them to do much of anything with it. Why is this a... see more

Open educational practices enable new ways for students to learn and create knowledge. In this video, you will hear from... see more

This is a recording of a webinar that was presented by the Open Education Consortium on October 17, 2018.  What happens... see more

This video provies digital tips and reading strategies online.

This website provides librarian interview podcasts that facilitate conversations about the innovative people & ideas... see more

Frontiers’ CEO, Kamila Markram, makes a case at TEDxBrussels for why open science is the key to innovation, economic... see more

A program by YouTube that helps young people to stay resilient and confident online and use their voice to drive social... see more

Este avatar nos proporciona un breve resumen del proyecto planteado de la empresa Potros Company S.A.S

Open educational resources are becoming an important tool for teaching and learning. Several higher ed IT leaders share... see more

10 techniques of Manipulation of the population through the media as exposed by Noam Chomsky, MIT professor and founder... see more

Using OER as a springboard to rethink pedagogy. Prepared for Saudi women leaders in education for eLearning Pioneers... see more

The Sony Xperia(tm) XZ1 Smartphone with 3D Creator App allows you to capture, save, view, and edit your world in 3D,... see more

This interactive VoiceThread provides an introduction and overview to the relationship between copyright and instruction... see more

A short video to help teach students de-stress and be more mindful, which will help them suceed in college.  Great for... see more

This is a PowerPoint presentation in which the following are discussed: Framework for managing OER authoring 4 Lessons... see more

Mar 8, 2017 How can #OER & #OEP work with Public Education & Government to solve @UN @SustDev Goals

This presentation is delivered regularly with faculty at our institution to discuss the possibilities of open education... see more

Mar 8, 2017 ... Open Education Global Conference (Cape Town). Presenters: Paul Stacey, Abdullah Almegren, Cable Green.

Keynote presentation for Open Apereo 2015 describing the components of the Open Education Infrastructure. Connects... see more

This is a presentation that discusses how to find a variety of open educational resources. In addition, the author... see more

This workshop focusing on Open Educational Resources features keynote speaker David Ernst, Chief Information Officer of... see more

This is a 5-minute animation illustrating the steps involved in embedding open licences in educational resources, and... see more

This 21-minute presentation helps you find out what OER’s are, how they work, benefits and considerations in using OER’s... see more