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The author describes how a statistics professor uses humor in his classroom to decrease student anxiety towards... see more

This article describes how humor can provide benefits in the college classroom. Humor is appreciated by both students and... see more

Tnis is an excerpt from a paper in process by Ron Deiter, Professor of Economics, netitled "What's So Funny About... see more

Perfect Captions is a fantastic app that can help children bring photographs to life. Whether they are snapping pictures... see more

A You-Tube video that explains in a fun way how to conduct more efficient searches in library databases.  It explains how... see more

"In here you will find soul-searching life experiences, testimony, humor, and poetry. All from the seasoned viewpoint of... see more

The Research Success Tutorial Suite is a collection of bite-sized, interactive tutorials designed to provide students at... see more

As online course formats become an accepted long-term strategy in education, instructors who personalize their courses... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is offered in conjunction with MIT's OpenCourseWare.  This book "is a guide to... see more

This is a lesson plan to teach elementary students how to use search engines for finding research material online.... see more

“Getting an education at MIT is like trying to drink from a firehose.” — folk saying The Torch or The Firehose: A Guide... see more

Dr. Hemmick is a proponent of the lecture method of content delivery. He uses a number of strategies to make his lectures... see more

ThinkB4U is a collaboration between Google Inc. and expert safety partners Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, and the... see more

Are there reasons for students to use the campus library – in addition to “Googling it?” How do you find scholarly... see more

How to Learn Like a Pro! features the “big six” effective learning/study skills topics: learning styles and preferences,... see more

Nuestra investigación-acción se centro en un problema recurrente de nuestros alumnos en el ambiente académico... see more

This chapter from a book is subtitled, "The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Funny Things That Teachers Say and Do".... see more

"beyond the fun factor, humor can be an effective way to engage students and activate learning. We asked NEA members to... see more

'The purpose of this article is to identify opportunities for humor in the college classroom, discuss how humor affects... see more