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This sites is an online text. It covers all aspects of general biology. It is searchable by term or alphabetically. Pages... see more

This is an online text from 1919, digitized and inserted into an accessible platform. "This book is intended for... see more

"Crop Rotation on Organic Farms: A Planning Manual provides an in-depth review of the applications of crop... see more

Ready to find out how plants are grown and function? Take a fantastic voyage through plants. From Growing to Biology:... see more

This is a free online textbook offered by InTech. 'Studies of herbivory provide important insights into fundamental... see more

Noxious weeds are especially problematic weeds. They possess one or more of the following attributes: • Aggressive... see more

'Agricultural pests blemish, damage or destroy more than 30 percent of crops worldwide. This annual loss has remained... see more

"Managing Alternative Pollinators: A Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers and Conservationists is a first-of-its-kind,... see more

'Across America, tens of thousands of farmers are planting cover crops, a time-tested method of revitalizing soil,... see more

This is a free textbook offered by InTech. 'Legumes are important for the diet of a significant part of the world's... see more

"Steel in the Field: A Farmer’s Guide to Weed Management Tools provides information about how each implement works, rates... see more

This is a free, online version of a textbook from 1921 offered by Project Gutenberg. "This book may serve as a text or... see more

This is a free, online textbook from 1856 offered by Project Gutenberg. "This book is presented to you, not as a work of... see more

This site is being developed by James D. Mauseth at the University of Texas, who is the author of Plant Anatomy. This... see more

This is a text from 1860 from Scotland made available in html and other formats for online reading. "The object of the... see more

' The rapid advances made in the science of botany within the last few years necessitate changes in the text books in use... see more

"In recent years, the blue orchard bee (BOB) has become established as an alternative orchard pollinator in North... see more

'University of Idaho (UI) Extension’s Idaho Master Gardener Program provides gardeners with opportunities to improve... see more

'Changing environmental condition and global population demands understanding the plant responses to hostile environment.... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Intech Open. "Soybean is an agricultural crop of tremendous economic... see more

Although this book is available for purchase, it can be read for free online at this site. "Citrus greening, a disease... see more

This is a classic book in the study of botany. In this work Levison aims to create a book that allows beginners to be... see more

This is a forest measurements textbook written for field technicians. Silvicultural applications and illustrations are... see more

'First published in 1887. Asa Grey is considered the most important American botanist of the 19th century. He was the... see more