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This is a series of interactive visualizations that show how some of the key indicators of climate change have changed in... see more

A collection of before-and-after Landsat images of worldwide locations, this site presents environmental events and... see more

Map of sensor bouy's floating in the pacific. Mouse over a bouy to get latest data (temp, wind, humity).

The interactive web-based simulation activity (which requires Flash) illustrates principles of global warming and climate... see more

'The NASA Space Weather App provides access to space environment information from the sun to the earth, giving users a... see more

'A giant cone of inner tubes stacked together may someday help cargo, or even people, land on another planet or return to... see more

This Flash animation describes how hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric... see more

The World Climate Simulation is a group role playing simulation of the international climate change negotiations. This... see more

This interactive provides a new way for students to look at issues related to energy and climate change. In the scenarios... see more

This is a basic animation/simulation with background information about the greenhouse effect by DAMOCLES. The animation... see more

In this activity/demonstration, learners observe what happens when two ping pong balls are suspended in the air by a hair... see more

This set of animations and interactive simulations from the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University helps... see more

C-Learn is a simplified version of the C-ROADS simulator. Its primary purpose is to help users understand the long-term... see more

This interactive animation focuses on the carbon cycle and includes embedded videos and captioned images to provide... see more

This animation describes how citizen observations can document the impact of climate change on plants and animals. It... see more

The Climate Momentum Simulation allows users to quickly compare the resulting sea level rise, temperature change,... see more

A collection of repeat photography of glaciers from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). The photos are taken... see more

This online calculator converts from one energy unit to another - from gallons to British thermal units (Btu),... see more

This animation illustrates how heat energy from deep in Earth can be utilized to generate electricity at a large scale.

This NASA animation of the Five-Year Average Global Temperature Anomalies from 1881 to 2009 shows how temperature... see more

This fuel cell animation demonstrates how a fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity, with only water and heat as... see more

Network of sites which use the Geoplayer program to provide manipulation of data sets for Earth, Mars, and space-based... see more

A simple click-through animation from Scripps Institute's Earthguide program breaks the complex topic of the global... see more

With this simulation from the NASA Climate website, learners explore different examples of how ice is melting due to... see more