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Enter three arrival times in seconds to see where the epicenter occurred (triangulation).

'NASA's Earth Now is an application that visualizes recent global climate data from Earth Science satellites, including... see more

This activity models the theory and processes of radiometric age-dating of rocks. Also included is a C-14 age-dating... see more

Simulate convergent, transform and divergent boundaries with your mouse. Information is also provided.

This website allows you to examine virtually any section of the planet via satellite images. Easy to pull up any... see more

Interactive demonstration that lets the user experiment with whether South America and Africa were ever connected or not.

Esta actividad ilustra cómo se utilizan las ondas sísmicas para determinar la magnitud de un terremoto y para localizar... see more

Make a Quake is an interactive computer program designed to explain what kind of damage occurs during an earthquake to... see more

Network of sites which use the Geoplayer program to provide manipulation of data sets for Earth, Mars, and space-based... see more

PBS broadcasted a video series in 1998, titled "Savage Earth". This site has video streams and animation clips explaining... see more

A simple simulation of an earthquake which can occur along the San Andreas Fault in California.

Time series is an applet to analyse time variability of oceanographic parameters in the Baltic Sea. This applet interacts... see more