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1-24 of 43 results for: MERLOT Materials (USA) is an official government website designed to accelerate the use of crowdsourcing and Citizen... see more

This site, created by Gregg Eckhardt, introduces and defines terms related to aquifers, and more generally, water. With... see more

Woods Hole Oceanograph Institution is a private, non-profit research facility dedicated to the study of marine science... see more


The Virtual Library for eJournals provides you with a listing of global web links for academic eJournals available... see more

Interface to access databases of National Oceanographic and Astmospheric Association.

The material in this web site cover elements of the atmosphere and water cycle. There are precipitation records,... see more

Description of the tides of the oceans. Includes pictures of spring and neap tides. Great for use as a reference tool for... see more

This educational and research facility is a partnership of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (the world's... see more

This module, intended for grades 3-5, includes a storybook and three classroom activities. In the storybook, the three... see more

This resource, from Dave McShaffrey, Professor of Biology at Marietta College, explains how energy and pollutants move... see more

Take your students on an EstuaryLive telecast! EstuaryLive brings free, live internet field trips in four different... see more

Hurricane Floyd's record rainfall in fall of l999 caused massive flooding in North Carolina; sediment and waste washed... see more

HBOI summer internships with stipend are open to graduate students and undergrads with minimum 2 years of class work... see more

This is a scientific organization for the study of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence in all life forms. Promotes... see more

This report discusses the spatial distribution of the largest, most damaging floods in the United States and some of the... see more

Without liquid water, terrestrial life could not exist. All living organisms on Earth depend on water and its unique... see more

This four-week unit contains activities in which students investigate the natural history of a wetland, identify its... see more

COSEE-Ocean Systems (OS) is moving forward in its development of effective tools and techniques to aid learners in better... see more

This resource describes a student survey on ocean literacy devised and conducted by a Professor of Oceanography at North... see more

This page, from National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Observatory, contains a satellite image of the... see more

This portal is designed for viewing and studying hurricanes by utilizing measurements and data produced by National... see more

Provides services and information for coral reef researchers and the public. Site FAQs cover technical background on... see more

Search this NOAA database for historical and real-time water level data from coastal monitoring stations throughout the... see more