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Create stunning HTML5 flipbooks, interactive brochures, magazines & catalogs. Upload PDF or design online. The page... see more

Citizen Science: Open Science, Society, and Policy is an excellent review of Citizen Science that brings together some of... see more

A book on Socio-Economic Problem Solving and how it affects our behaviour.

Lean Six Sigma certification training classes are perfect for anyone. We start with the basics of Six Sigma to teach... see more

Icons8 creates free multimedia resources and tools that make educational materials interactive, visual and engaging.... see more

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a pedagogical model that promotes self directed learning... see more

FlashGuide application graduate project. Situated Learning model used to design project. Application will replace... see more

Sports management is a great opportunity for many professionals to have very successful careers because the athletic... see more

The basic objective in the operation of drinking water treatment plants is to produce a drinking water that is safe and... see more

This book is organized by nutrient rather than using a functional approach, which means that the material is organized... see more

A wide variety of products in the area of games, virtual currencies, and more can be found in our online... see more

Technical Project Management in Living and Geometric Order is suitable for mid-career engineers and project managers, as... see more

SkillsCommons is partnering with the National Collaborative for Digital Equity to build digital equity for financial,... see more

People who are deaf or hard of hearing use a variety of ways to communicate. Some rely on sign language interpreters or... see more

New Hampshire - Digital Equity for Financial, Economic and Educational Inclusion

Cumulative micro-learning takes the best of blended learning and micro-learning to deliver a planned learning... see more

Access instructional designer jobs, training jobs, & instructional design templates such as storyboards, training needs... see more

We have put together a list of resources to help you get hold of the most comprehensive and authentic sources of... see more

Sustainability has often been defined as how biological systems endure and remain diverse and productive. But, the... see more

Written by the Program Coordinator of the Construction Technology Program at UH Maui College, this book serves as a... see more

Complete textbook for a community college Math for Manufacturing course. It covers basic mathematics including... see more

Esta es una compilación de herramientas y técnicas que hemos encontrado útiles para reuniones y talleres participativos.... see more