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This learning module presents the proper technique and common errors associated with assessment of blood pressure. The... see more

"The CSB's final written report on the tragedy, which killed two emergency responders and two propane technicians, was... see more

This provides text description and audio examples of various heart and breath sounds. The sounds are broken up into... see more

The site is an interactive game.The game shows a variety of people involved in halting an outbreak and only the intern... see more

This material is about the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Program Highlights on technical allied health careers and programs of study in Minnesota

Explores factors associated with disease emergence & re-emergence & considers the human activities that can increase or... see more

An introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks you might encounter in everyday life, in everyday... see more

Many organizations use technology and social media as the cost-effective, even the preferred, rapid communication and... see more

This course explores the theories and fundamentals of how and why fires start, spread, and how they are controlled.

United States Fire Administration (USFA) provides Coffee Break Training bulletins in fire protection systems, building... see more

FIRESCOPE California Incident Command System field operation guide (FOG) The FIRESCOPE Program originated in Southern... see more

A simple, step by step guide on how to use both the engineers and architectural scales. Examples and test questions are... see more

The entry point to an extensive site concerning the nervous system and neuroscience. The site includes descriptive... see more

This website allows visitors to see and hear extensive digital recordings of actual patients, with high-resolution... see more

"the video includes a new four-minute 3-D computer animation depicting the first explosion – known as a “primary event” –... see more

This interactive learning resource focuses on patients's rights as they relate to safe medication administration. The... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on strategies to foster a culture of safety in healthcare. The stated learning... see more

This course examines those emergency management principles that are most relevant to executives within tourism,... see more

This lesson plan will help develop an understanding of the complexity of the American federal system and how it affects... see more

This model addresses professional-level standards for the future fire and emergency services. The goal is to prepare... see more

This learning resource is an interactive tutorial. The stated learning objectives are: Discuss cultural competence and... see more

This is an outline for a course in Applications of Fire Research.