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In Google Docs, you can type with your voice instead of your fingers by using the Voice Typing tool. In addition to... see more

The aim of “Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC)” is to identify the value and... see more

This open textbook is a remix of Openstax Microbiology, CC-BY 4.0, and created through an Affordable Learning Georgia... see more

This open access textbook was developed as an introductory nutrition resource to reflect the diverse dietary patterns of... see more

This book investigates why, despite more and more resources devoted to safety training, expectations are not entirely... see more

Students learn proficiency in the reading and writing connection, the writing process, writing effective paragraphs,... see more

Students first discover what they want from their education, then build a plan to get there. This content takes students... see more

This lesson plan is designed to supplement the “FRED Interactive: Information Literacy” online course available... see more

The Open Science MOOC: Principles and Practices is designed for faculty, students, and researchers who want to better... see more

These open teaching materials are being utilized in a Marine Survival course for undergraduate students by Captain Britt... see more

Want to have a look at 4 of the Most Popular Instructional Design Models? Check a practical check-in with 4 of the Most... see more

Dr. Maureen Orey offers advice for designing learning that is accessible to all.

Instructional Design Certificate (Fully Online) This fully online program is for anyone developing and/or teaching an... see more

Instructional designers create engaging, effective learning experiences that help people gain the skills needed for... see more

The foundation for instructional design was laid during World War II when hundreds of thousands needed to be taught very... see more

This set of practical examples illustrates how Gagne’s nine instructional design principles can help you to design an... see more

The field has been around for 75 years, but many still wonder what instructional designers -- who are gaining acceptance... see more

A 2016 report funded by the Gates Foundation found that in the U.S. alone, there are 13,000 instructional designers. Yet,... see more

In the past few months, I’ve been asked by a number of different people what an instructional designer does and how to... see more

This site is a repository of instructional design resources, from concepts, theories, domains, models, to book... see more

Including captions—or transcripts—of videos is an easy way to enhance eLearning accessibility and make eLearning videos... see more

This site from the Capterra Training Technology Blog provides Instructional Designers a list of tools and websites to... see more