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This course will introduce the field of literary theory by identifying and engaging the key problems and questions that... see more

This course examines the writings of a diverse group of medieval women and analyzes the perceptions of reality that they... see more

In this course, the student will examine the revolutionary energy, fascination with nature, desire to create art for the... see more

This course approaches literature as a product of specific historical and cultural circumstances, including topics such... see more

This course investigates what makes poetry "modern." It examines the cultural and political history of the period as well... see more

What makes a novel "Gothic"? This course explores various definitions of the genre through close reading of... see more

This course seeks to develop a nuanced understanding of the scope of cultural and literary expression in the late 19th... see more

The period between the Renaissance and the Modern Era is referred to as the "long" 18th and 19th centuries, meaning that... see more

At the outset of the 16th century, Europeans tended to dismiss English literature as inferior to continental literary... see more

In this course, the student will consider Dante's literature for its stylistic and thematic contributions to the body of... see more

This course introduces the history and practice of English as a scholarly discipline. After outlining basic approaches to... see more

This course examines James Joyce's aesthetic and artistic sensibilities through close readings of his major works,... see more

This looks at the range of drama written and performed in England and Continental Europe between roughly 1660 and 1800.... see more

This course seeks to familiarize the student with Elizabethan theatre, language, and culture through close readings of... see more

The "American Renaissance," a period of tremendous literary activity that took place in America between the 1830s and... see more

In this course, the student will study the poetry of John Milton, focusing on the texts and contexts that are relevant to... see more

This course explores the ways in which the Victorian novel represented social, political, scientific, philosophical, and... see more