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According to the author, 'Between 2006 and 2012 I wrote prolifically about two things I was insanely fascinated by:... see more

An undergraduate Open Textbook created by William Hart, Ph.D.[1] and his graduate students in MCM510[2] at Norfolk State... see more

Media Studies 101 is 'the open educational resource for media studies studies in New Zealand, Australia, and Pacifica. We... see more

This book is intended to be a useful resource for anyone who thinks that they might be interested in becoming a data... see more

"Grassroots journalists are dismantling Big Media's monopoly on the news, transforming it from a lecture to a... see more

“Using the themes of credibility and information literacy, the book helps today’s students, who start out all their... see more

Nine of every 10 of the professionals who visit my classrooms, speak to my students or serve as mentors to the students I... see more

Hundreds of downsized journalists are watering community media deserts by launching hyperlocal news startups. Scores of... see more

Launch! Advertising and Promotion is written for advertising and promotion courses taught to students in the business... see more

B.C. Campus Open Education: Open Textbook Self-Publishing Guide is a practical reference/development tool for individuals... see more

According to the author, 'Plenty has been written about the 'crisis' in journalism which doesn't need repeating here,... see more

'Here's a legendary journalist's back to the basics guide to the craft of broadcast news. Combining insights from his own... see more

'This handbook is for all journalists who want to master the art of interrogating and questioning numbers competently.... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle. Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

'This handbook covers the ins and outs of what every professional journalist should know -- from how to research, write,... see more

'This handbook is a very important practical tool for journalists and it is of particular importance to investigative... see more

According to the author, 'Each one of the contributors has been handpicked to take part in Inside The Story. They’ve been... see more

In Media, Technology, and Society, some of the most prominent figures in media studies explore the issue of media... see more

'Everything we do as Reuters journalists has to be independent, free from bias and executed with the utmost integrity.... see more

According to the authors, 'Today social media are a natural part of the everyday lives of people all over the world. With... see more

'A crisis has engulfed media in Europe and America, inflicting profound changes on journalism. A generation of owners is... see more

'Most of us take a dose of news daily, supplied in a variety of forms. We seldom really consider how it's made. But... see more

Weird Ways of News: A user's guide to news values. Most of us who consume products of journalists--that is, nearly... see more

People’s viewing habits are changing as they migrate to mobile sources, social media, and kitten videos. Television News... see more