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This course focuses on a range of theories of gender in modern life. In recent years, feminist scholars in a range of... see more

This course is designed as an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies, an academic area... see more

This course examines representations of race, class, gender, and sexual identity in the media. We will be considering... see more

In the course we will use a feminist interdisciplinary lens and invite students to look critically at how practices like... see more

Gender and Sexualities: An Inquiry was created to accompany UNST 231 Sophomore Inquiry: Gender and Sexualities at... see more

This survey course introduces students to the important and basic material on human fertility, population growth, the... see more

This course offers an introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that asks critical... see more

This course considers a wide range of issues related to the contemporary and historical use of technology, the... see more

The course will focus primarily on contemporary discourses concerning gender inequality. Most of the readings assigned... see more

This course explores how gender shaped the historical experiences and cultural productions in the North American West... see more

Using film and related popular media as our texts, this course will examine how screen "embodiments" of the woman... see more

In this seminar, we will explore the significance of struggles over reproductive rights in the United States. Throughout... see more