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This free 6 week massive open online course (MOOC) from UNSW Australia begins a new session every month. Enrol any time.... see more

"3D + VR Technology in Education: An Introduction" is a free mini course offered by Edorble Academy (March 4th -April 4th... see more

This class explores the development of Hollywood Film Noir. There will be a focus on émigré directors who moved to... see more

Production of Educational Videos is an introduction to technical communication that is situated in the production of... see more

An online course devoted to the study of Faust: concentrating on works by Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von... see more

This course surveys both cinematic and literary representations of diverse eras and aspects of Japanese culture such as... see more

This course concentrates on close analysis and criticism of a wide range of films, including works from the early silent... see more

This course is an introductory exploration of documentary film theory and production, focusing on documentaries about... see more

The "small wonders" to which our course will attend are moments of present time, depicted in the verbal and visual media... see more

This course focuses on novels and films from the last twenty-five years (nominally 1985–2010) marked by their... see more

There is no preview available for this but you can download it. Online activities, teacher notes and reading list.... see more

This is a free, online course offered by UC Berkeley. This is a series of lectures regarding the Foundations of American... see more

Imagine being transported into an entirely new world, or see the world you know being transformed in fantastical ways:... see more

MasterClass is an interesting (fee-based) online concept for master/mentor-based learning where the master/mentor shares... see more

This open course for New Media Production was created under a Round Thirteen Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials Creation... see more

"This course examines works of film in relation to thematic issues of philosophical importance that also occur in other... see more

This course is a seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art, with an emphasis on the ways in which it creates... see more

"Listen to Professor Richard Slotkin's final course before retirement, Western Movies: Myths, Ideology, and Genre.... see more