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A one page summary of the MERLOT COMPASS program for partner academic support services.

This document lists the 14 areas that were identified as strategic priorities for institutional initiatives at MERLOT... see more

This document lists (or suggests) the nine parts of a case study that might be included as part of the MERLOT... see more

This document is for the reporting of the results of the Think-Pair-Share-Compare-Declare activity at the MERLOT... see more

Featured session presentation by Phil Moss (MERLOT), Velda Arnaud (Lane Community College), and Nancy Kerner (University... see more

This shows an empty template for the Institutional Initiatives Portal- a"Teaching Commons"for Project Directors and... see more

PowerPoint presentation from the 2011 MidYear Meeting.

This document describes partner benefits in the context of and organized through COMPASS.

MERLOT Executive Director Gerry Hanley's slides from January 27.

MERLOT Executive Director Gerry Hanley's slides from Day 2 of the 2011 MidYear Meeting, January 29, 2011, Long Beach,... see more

Presentation by Vice Chancellor (and MERLOT Project Director) Houston Davis about the priorities of the Oklahoma State... see more

PowerPoint slides presented by Nancy Kerner, University of Michigan, at the 2011 MidYear Meeting. Overview of UofM... see more

Agenda for the MidYear Meeting held January 27-28, 2011, at the CSU Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach, CA.