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Powerpoint presentation from the MERLOT Project Directors meeting on Thursday, November 19th.  The discussion centered... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle.  Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

Notes and links from web conference call September 19, 2013

PowerPoint presentation from the MERLOT Leadership meeting prior to the ET4Online Conference July 23rd, 2012 at the... see more

The PPT for the annual Report on the MERLOT Vineyard 2012 provide information about MERLOT's metrics on its collection,... see more

This spreadsheet describes current MERLOT partnerships and provides opportunity for feed back on the direction of future... see more

MERLOT Development update for the ET4Online 2012 Conference - Leadership meeting.  This is a zip file.  When its... see more

This is the annual report that demonstrates the to-date productivity of the Editorial Boads.  By Editorial Board, numbers... see more

This is the annual report on the productivity of the 23 Editorial Boards of MERLOT.  It measures the contributions of... see more

The purpose of this research is to examine the consistency in the quality and content of the Peer Reviews. By examining... see more

The usability lab evaluation of MERLOT's Peer Reviews was conducted between February 2nd and March 21st, 2001. Five... see more

The planning document describes MERLOT/CUDA?s template for defining use cases is used as planning tools for developing... see more

The document provides an overview of usability and the variety of methods that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness,... see more

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) conducted a usability lab evaluation of the OCSK 1.5 version of... see more

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) conducted a usability evaluation of the OCSK 2.5 version of... see more

Step-by-step procedures for MERLOT staff, outlining what to do in the event that the MERLOT website is down.

This document describes Federated Search from a technical perspective to help developers be able to create clients for... see more

This document describes the terms of agreement that must be executed by MERLOT partners wishing to utilize MERLOT's Web... see more

This document describes the procedure for partners to request specific new RSS feeds. As a benefit to partners, if they... see more

This document describes the requirements that a prospective Federated Search Partner must meet in order for their site to... see more

A goal of MERLOT is to increase the number of faculty who successfully use the academic technology in higher education.... see more

The document describes a framework for supporting the full lifecycle of activities involved in faculty teaching and... see more

The planning document summarizes mission, vision, strategies, and goals. Distributed January 2003 at Midterm Planning... see more

Presentation to Project Directors and Editors outlining MERLOT's policy and direction with Creative Commons.