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Hierarchical models are used when there is nesting of observational units in the data and variables are observed on... see more

Data often exhibit a heaped distribution in situations when there are either rounding or recall issues. Then, heaping is... see more

This app allows the user to draw repeated samples from a specified population shape (normal, left-skewed, right-skewed,... see more

The Probability Integral Transform and the Accept-Reject Algorithm are two methods for generating a random variable with... see more

Probability distributions, p-values, and percentiles are fundamental topics taught to introductory statistics students.... see more

This app provides an introduction to the concept of maximum likelihood estimation by working through the example of the... see more

The Gambler’s Ruin is a well-known problem that can be used to illustrate a variety of probability concepts. Two players... see more

One popular class activity to help students understand chance behavior is to observe the runs of consecutive heads or... see more

In the three dimensional version of the Chaos Game we start with a regular polyhedron and mark selected points which will... see more

In the two dimensional version of the Chaos Game we start with a regular polygon and mark selected points which will... see more

The ANOVA F-test is used to test for difference in means between groups, and requires the conditions of normality (or... see more

The goal of this app is to compare the performance of a nonparametric to a parametric test for the difference in two... see more

The first-digit distribution of many US Census variables is known to closely follow Benford's Law. We will consider... see more

This app examines the first-digit distribution of various sequences: Additive, Power, and Prime Number Additive Sequence:... see more

This app focuses on conducting a t-test and checking the normality condition. Both the one-sample and two-sample t-tests... see more

Scatterplots are often useful to visualize the relationship between two quantitative variables. However, with Multiple... see more

Correlation and regression are two closely related topics. Often they are taught to students at about the same time, thus... see more