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The big mac index provides an interesting perspective into the determination of foreign exchange rates.

When negotiation cost is not negligible, how property rights are assignment affects whether adverse impact can be... see more

Natural monopoly that enjoys large-scale economy presents a troubling conflict between profit maximization and efficiency... see more

Generating all short-run cost curves from short-run production curve using Flash animation. Suitable for classroom... see more

Generating MR and MC curves from TR and TC curves and explaining the profit-maximization condition (MR =MC) under perfect... see more

Explaining why MR < P for single-pricing monopolists or price-searcheres and why profit maximization does not also... see more

Comparing output and profit and the distribution of economic surplus under single pricing vs price discrimination using... see more

Explain and generate production and cost curves with Flash animation. Fully interactive navigation. Ideal for classroom... see more

Four Flash animations of graphical analysis on specialization and comparative advantage