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Part of a 2nd year course on first row transition metal chemistry. Spectra displayed using CHIME and JAVA applets... see more

An important aspect of simple Crystal Field Theory is the orientation of the d-orbital lobes with respect to the position... see more

Second year Inorganic Course on Transition metal Chemistry

The use of Jmol and JSpecView for exercises in the interpretation of IR, MS and NMR spectra

Part of a 2nd year Inorganic course on first row transition metal ions. CHIME displays of spinels, CdCl2, CdI2, CrCl3 etc... see more

The Chemistry and Processing of Jamaican Bauxite

The Chemistry of Jamaican fruit and vegetables including pigments, sugars, volatiles etc.

The Chemistry of Spices including ginger, pimento (allspice), nutmeg, vanilla, etc.

The structure of simple binary salts of transition metal halides and oxides

The Spectral Game practices the elucidation of structures using spectroscopy, particularly H NMR but also including C... see more