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Educational physics applets designed to be scripted in JavaScript for use in quizzes, homework problems, and Just in Time... see more

Applet simulates an optical bench, including lenses, mirrors, and aperatures.

Physlet problems that relate to Gauss's Law.

Vary the velocity and notice the wavelength shift ahead of and behind the source.

The Open Source Physics (OSP) project seeks to create and distribute curricular material for physics computation and... see more

The Physlet Workbook provides physics teachers with a collection of ready-to-run, interactive, computer-based curricular... see more

Physlet problems that relate to electrostatics.

Physlet problems that relate to momentum.

Physlet problems that relate to Newton's Laws.

Allows user to add a graph of an analytical function to a document.

These Physlets give graphical representations of the wavefunctions of the Hydrogen atom. Available are the radial... see more

Displays both data sets and analytic functions.

Physlet problems that relate to capacitors.

Physlet problems that relate to optics.

Animates one or two functions of position and time, and their superposition, in separate panels inside the applet. A wide... see more

Physlet demonstrates the relationship between voltage and current in a simple circuit.

Physlet demonstrates the relationship between current and voltage in a simple circuit.

This rectifier example uses the IV Applet to show non-ohmic circuit behavior. You can vary the source frequency using a... see more

Dynamics of free electron lasers.

A physlet of a simple AC circuit. Frequency is user-defined.

Physlet demonstrates the current, voltage, and power and its relationship to impedence/reactance. The frequency of the AC... see more

Physlet demonstrates current, voltage, and power of an AC circuit.

Displays the electric and magnetic fields of a point charge moving at constant velocity in the x direction.

Physlet of an LRC applet. Frequency of the AC source is user-defined.