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Life of 19th century German-Jewish Philanthropist, interested in rejoining Jews to the land.

Philanthropic institution intended to assimilate Eastern European Jews of the Great Immigration Wave, 1881-194.

Jewish Laws of Shofar During Elul. Citations from Medrash, Shulchan Aruch and Mishneh Berurah

Shofar Season begins on Rosh Hodesh Elul at Sunset

Qualifications to Sound Shofar. Jewish Law.

Shofar - Some practical hints on how to sound ancient instrument

Traces loss of civic virtue. Solutions.

Jewish farming experiments in the United States on the 1800's

History of Trenton, NJ Jewish community form 1850's to 1940's.

As a Baal Tkiya of more than 35-years, allow me to share some of my knowledge and “secrets” of this mystical remnant of... see more

Explanation of the 4-5 Jewish Denominations.

Jewish Farming in North America (US and Canada)

Relates immigrant expernice and betond of Jewish community in a town,

This is a video about Jewish Laws regarding the Shofar.

This is a document that discusses techniques for sounding the Shofar.

Deonstrates techniques of osunding an anceint instrument

Exploration of ancient 'brass' instrument.

Exploration of ancient 'brass' instrument.

Describes simple modern history of Israel.