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In this case study of a small group of communications majors in a large university, each student was given a handheld... see more

In the business world where effective communication is most paramount, the role of the tutor in ensuring delivery of... see more

Abstract: This paper reports on a two-phase exploratory study that involved student use of the asynchronous multimedia... see more

The popularity of video games carries implications in game players' first (L1) and second language (L2) literacy. Based... see more

The purpose of this paper is to interrogate critically the design and delivery of online course which address issues of... see more

The Digital Commons Network: [Open Access] Arts and Humanities Commons provides you with 243,200+ Open Access full-text... see more

Fostering interaction in the online classroom is an important consideration in ensuring that students actively create... see more

The Danish Think Tank for Libraries of the Future used a mixed research method to examine digital behavior in Denmark.

The International Computer and Information Literacy Study sheds light on students’ knowledge and abilities in the key... see more

In a 2013 report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) discussed the need to develop skills... see more

Google Collaboration Applications enable college faculty to provide their students with innovative communication and... see more

Emotional Intelligence has made a significant contribution to effective leadership, becoming one of the key... see more

The increased availability of online coursework in higher education has prompted a number of research studies regarding... see more

This case study examines a synchronous online teaching practice in a blended course in which distance and residential... see more

Many modern technological advances have direct impact on the format, style and efficacy of delivery and consumption of... see more

The Duke Law School CSPD (Center for the Study of the Public Domain) provides a graphic novel that explores the impacts... see more

Paper that aims to explain the relationship between the concept of Implicature and Grice's Cooperative Principle

While many researchers have sought to identify the components of teaching presence and examine its role in student... see more

המאמר סוקר טקסטים בענייני צניעות שנכתבו במדורי הנשים בעיתונות החרדתית המפלגתית בין השנים 1960-1989, ומטרתו להבין כיצד... see more

המאמר מנתח את הזהויות של הנשיות הישראלית שהוצעו בתום בעשור השני למדינה ככלל וסביב מלחמת ששת הימים בפרט בשני עיתוני הנשים... see more

This conference paper provides a literature on data literacy instructional collaboration between teachers and students,... see more

Index on Censorship is an international organisation that promotes and defends the right to freedom of expression. The... see more

ICT education initiatives in Africa: status, challenges, and recommendations.