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Animated video regarding team dynamics.

Animated video with key overview points of nonverbal communiication.

This course prepares students to provide nursing care for the childbearing family. Students will recognize the needs of... see more

Simulation for Respiratory Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant students related to ICU acquired weakness.

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created with the use of technology. For the purposes of this project... see more

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic needs of mothers and newborns. It will include conception;... see more

This for-credit simulation prepares LPN-to-RPN nursing students to recognize and respond effectively to emergency... see more

Being able to communicate how you feel can help others to understand you better – and we all want to be understood.

Dr. Barbara Foorman, Director of the Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast, explains why evidence-based practice is... see more

We present here an integrated nanotechnology/biology strategy for cancer immunotherapy that uses arginine nanoparticles... see more

Premature termination codons (PTCs) can result in the production of truncated proteins or the degradation of mRNAs by... see more

Learn how MSK researchers are deploying mRNA vaccines against pancreatic cancer via this Sloane Kettering website.

mRNA vaccines have become a promising platform for cancer immunotherapy. During vaccination, naked or vehicle loaded mRNA... see more

this article addresses the growth of the “positive psychology” movement reflects increased scientific and lay interest in... see more

A burgeoning market of operators offering population health management solutions is viewed by some as essential to help... see more

Overview of population health is provided by the CDC. Compares population health to public heath, provides resources and... see more

Keeping up with COVID-19 vaccines can be a daunting task, whether they are authorized for use or still undergoing... see more

This video is brought to you by the SMART Imagebase and can be accessed via YouTube. Information is provided to explained... see more

Growing literature shows the vaccines are shutting down even asymptomatic viral invasion using an MRNA vaccine. THis... see more

Learn more about how mRNA vaccines trigger our immune systems to produce antibodies that protect us against COVID-19.

Population health management (PHM) is a key concept in managed care. Improving population health, enhancing the patient... see more