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This site provides nine detailed case studies on human rights issues: Clinton's response to Kosovo, the International... see more

This site is part of the College Reading Skills Program, a TRIO grant funded effort at California State Polytechnic... see more

The CorpWatch site is a collection of articles examining the role corporations play in the United States and the world... see more

The Literacy Project is a project of Google, the Frankfurt Book Fair Literacy Campaign, and UNESCO. It is a web resource... see more

Site to accompany a McGraw-Hill textbook but with many free resources and activities for anyone to use. Includes... see more

This site is a combination of the former National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information and the National... see more

World Bank site on poverty including both overviews and very detailed reports on various issues regarding poverty... see more

Site with a huge number of articles (many of which include links to additional online sources like UN reports and work by... see more

This handbook is intended for anthropologists to help them consider ethical issues in their own research and to help them... see more

A complete resource for remembering the attacks on September 11. Users can read others' stories of that day, use the... see more

Video clips from the film "People Like Us: Social Class in America." that can help students and learn about the social... see more

Companion website to three-part film by the same title. Series of three films explores the social construction of race... see more

This site offers users the opportunity to take a brief quiz that assesses the extent of their "ecological footprint,"... see more