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Uses the theory of permutations to prove that a puzzle involving colors and cycles is solvable.

Shows the inherent mathematical properties in our calendar system.

A very good implementation of the classic Towers of Hanoi problem. Teaches recursive functions and stacks as well as... see more

""ThematicView"" is a very simple Java program to show different layers of thematic maps in a java enabled Webbrowser.

We chose to develop this applet first since it covers an aspect of the course that is based on relatively simple... see more

This java applet shows how a travelling magnetic flux wave is obtained in an ac motor. It shows the oscillating flux in... see more

Simulates the Traffic Jam game described at

Simulation of the puzzle presented at:

Try to beat the computer by hitting specific targets via the moves of an iterated function system. This game allows... see more

This applet allows you to set up the vertices, compression ratios, and rotations associated to an iterated function... see more

Navigates around the Mandelbrot Set

This applet lets you build simple mathematical proofs from axioms in logic and set theory.

This java applet simulates the Witten-Sander model of Diffusion Limited Aggregation. It generates beautiful fractal... see more

The MetricConverter Java applet performs simple metric calculations and conversions.