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This community college libguide addresses data literacy including its definition, activities and lessons, and supporting... see more

This guide has been created especially for users needing a step-by-step review on how to find, read and use data, with... see more

Introduction to Data Science (IDS) Curriculum teaches students to reason with, and think critically about, data in all... see more

This video provides valuable guidance on choosing the appropriate statistical test.

Data visualization is useful for many research contexts. This guide will emphasize two in particular: 1. Exploratory data... see more

It has become simple to create a valid-looking website, which to the unassuming eye resembles an official, big-name news... see more

This online tutoral explains how to develop a data management plan.

This article explains how the general public can read a news report of a poll without being duped by the hype.

This interactive experiment can boost chart-making confidence.

This is a collection of data journalism training materials. Many (although not all) of the exercises have directions that... see more

Fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples. 100% free.

A reference to data problems seen in real-world data along with suggestions on how to resolve them.

This is a book about the principles behind data journalism. Not what visualization software to use and how to scrape a... see more

This classic book explains how statistics and data visualizations can be manipulated.

This publication provides high school librarians and educators with foundational domain knowledge to teach a new subset... see more

Google's free tool dataset tool enables users to search 25 million publicly available datasets. The search tool includes... see more

This site presents resources that depict multiple viewpoints of data literacy.

The U.S. Census Bureau Statistics in Schools program provides resourcs for teaching and learning with real life data. The... see more

Software Carpentry teaches researchers in science, engineering, medicine, and related disciplines the computing skills... see more

This collection of resources helps instructors integrate ICT literacy into mathematics curriculum. Resources include... see more

This collection of resources helps instructors integrate ICT literacy into statistics curriculum. Resources include... see more

This guide to ICT literacy resources in mathematics education includes standards, MERLOT terms and links, bibliographies,... see more

This guide includes resources about ICT literacy in statistics education, including standards, MERLOT links,... see more

This website aims to develop and implement a DIL curriculum in conjunction with university faculty to address these... see more