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A virtually perfect Spectrum emulator

A guide to the theory and practice of good medication prescribing.

This site is a free online service that provides real-time creation of graphics. Users can generate customized images of... see more

Interactive flash animation demonstration of the four main categories of printmaking.

Information on a dramatic representation of Salome

An exploration as to How The Internet Has Impacted Music Student's Expectations

Os alunos deverão misturar as cores primárias e observarem as cores produzidas.

An exploration as to How The Internet Has Impacted Music Student's Expectations

An exploration as to How The Internet Has Impacted Music Student's Expectations

This is an ear trainer--it plays various tones and tests the user.

Flowfazer, the *coolest* animation ever written for the Mac, now appears in a smaller but platform-independent form, as... see more

An aleatoric paint program. You can paint with it, and it can paint without you.

This program is a simple generator of Mondrian paintings. The code uses mutual recursion to draw the picture. Source is... see more

A paint program with many tools, that can save images made by visitors in a virtual gallery on the server.

Dear learner, Interactive multi-media tools have become an integral part of the learning process, and in order to present... see more

This is a fully interactive art site that uses macromedia shockwave. Kids can explore different elements and principles... see more

A Java applet showing the user the steps for popular dances.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides interactive software to create five different types of... see more

This website is a great site for art history majors. This site will teach you about the different pieces of art and their... see more

Zettl’s VideoLab is a CD based, interactive program covering production planning, camera use, lighting, audio, and... see more

Seeing Math™ has developed a series of interactive software for grades 6-12 that clarify key mathematical ideas for... see more

The Art Studio Chalkboard, provided by Ralph Larmann of Southern Arkansas University, has been designed as a resource... see more

BE Jackson Pollock. Discover action painting

Calligraphy is my second most popular app. I wrote the original 1997 Java applet a throwaway programming example - but... see more