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In this paper we suggest several “field trips” to sites on the worldwide web to enhance the international financial... see more

The Accounting Education Change Commission has emphasized the need for students to be active participants in the learning... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Business Commons provides you with 60,700+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

The role of introductory accounting classes is to introduce the vocabulary, methodology, and application of an accounting... see more

Wikipedia: Lists of Academic Journals is a work-in-progress project listing academic journals catalogued and sorted by... see more

Many students in secondary and post-secondary institutions generally have a difficult time grasping the concepts of... see more

Why, when entering an academic environment do we remember more often those things that entertain, enthuse, motivate, and,... see more

Clicking Go To Material downloads a PDF article. Active learning shifts the focus of instruction from what the teacher... see more

As the popularity of online instruction spreads, many have questioned whether the method produces similar outcomes to the... see more

More than 75% of Americans will receive tax refunds. Many will spend, save or invest the money. This article discusses... see more

Audits of financial statements are not intended to identify fraud.

Accounting is often regarded as an abstract –and hence, boring– subject by students, although it is strongly linked to... see more