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Fossils across geological time presented in multiple contexts of geological history, the tree of life, paleobiology and... see more

This site provides a virtual field trip to the only well known and preserved prehistoric cave drawings. This cave will... see more

FAUNMAP is an electronic database documenting the late Quaternary distribution of mammal species in the United States.... see more

This site contains a pictoral description of Southeast Alaska, its caves, and its geologic history. It includes the... see more

Annotated links to internet resources, especially for palaeobotanists.

Students will remove fossils from envelope and piece creature back together. Students will work in groups and reconstruct... see more

To quote the site, "This site is a resource for anyone interested in paleontology, from the professional in the lab to... see more

Experiment is an online, crowdfunding, Open Science/Open Access platform for advancing the discovery, funding, and... see more

bioRxiv (pronounced bio-archive) is a free online archive and distribution for unpublished preprints in the life... see more

The Raup coiling applet is a Java applet that demonstrates how mollusk shell shapes can be generated using a simple... see more

The material is accessible after a free registration. This lesson contains 3D models. Some of them are available after a... see more

An online exhibit of the University of California Museum of Paleontology that focuses on the three major domains of life,... see more

Fossils across geological time presented in multiple contexts of geological history, the tree of life, paleobiology and... see more

The Virtual Paleobotany Lab contains the background material and instructions for 12 lab exercises from a UC Berkeley... see more

A free K-20 educational, web media site for students and teachers. 36 Academic subjects; 493 Courses; 1,794... see more

Earth ArXiv is a free preprints archive service for the dissemination of scholarly manuscripts/datasets/knowledge in... see more

Paleo-rXiv is a free open source and community-led digital archive for Paleontology research. Paleo-rXiv provides a... see more

מדוע יש סוגים רבים כל-כך של דברים חיים? אקולוגיה היא המחקר של הרבגוניות האורגאנית. היא מתמקדת ביחסי-הגומלין של... see more

על השלבים הראשונים בתולדות החיים. האם מרבית הקבוצות הגדולות נולדו בעת-ובעונה-אחת, או התפתחו מתוך צורות אורגאניות קודמות?

לפני הופעת הצמחים ובעלי החיים אכלסו את כדור הארץ יצורים חד-תאיים. המדענים סורקים סלעים עתיקים בחיפוש אחר סימנים פיזיים... see more

The instructor uses a series of games to help students identify and answer questions about fossils. The game grows more... see more

This webquest was designed for second grade students to meet California Earth Science content standards, language... see more

The evolution of life on Earth illustrated with 400 pictures of specimens in the HSU Natural History Museum, plate... see more

An animated look at the deposition of geologic layers at seven locations around the USA. This site is meant to supplement... see more