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National Oral Health Education Materials for Health Care Professionals. Contains modules about the connection oral health... see more

This open-access course has been designed to explore the multi-sectoral links between agriculture, nutrition and health,... see more

OpenWHO is World Health Organization's new, interactive, web-based platform that offers free, self-paced Massive Open... see more

This virtual activity provides an introduction to the Coordinated School Health Program and includes additional... see more

At our institution, teaching basic physical examination (PE) skills capitalizes on the use of electronic resources and... see more

This contains lecture notes of the most important topics on Psychiatric nursing. Notes are outlined for you to focus in... see more

AWHONN project to reduce postpartum hemorrhage. Resources include quantification of blood loss and additional links for... see more

Overview of measurement issues when assessing physical activity behaviors

AAOHN offers webinars and workplace health & safety continuing nursing education modules.

This lesson was created using Soft Chalk and received an Honorable Mention in the 2016 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge.... see more

This learning module is applicable to all health care professionals. Emphasis is placed on how mindfulness in the... see more

As with electrolytes, correct balance of acids and bases in the body is essential to proper body functioning. Even a... see more

This module is a component of a larger course designed to train preceptors who work with students at a nursing school.... see more

This virtual lesson is a short activity to help build statistical literacy in nursing students and nurses. It includes a... see more

A diverse selection of nursing courses. Thorough and informative information for each topic. Courses are free to access... see more

This resource provides self-learning modules that provide information on how to evaluate, manage and interpret strokes.... see more

Exploration of current information needs in nursing and the life cycle of electronic information systems

In this lesson, we are going to look at a condition affecting many healthcare professionals. Information about the... see more

Infection Prevention & Control Program is a course available at TRAIN.

The Tic Tac Toe ABGs was developed by QSEN to guide nusing students in interpreting and minimizing risks associated with... see more

Learn to quickly interpret ACLS rhythm strips. Rapid ID and treatment of life-threatening arrhythmias made easy. Scenario... see more