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For information on thermodynamic data for over 5,000 chemical compounds and on ion-energetics data for over 10,000... see more

This networked laboratory simulation provides an environment in which students can select from hundreds of standard... see more

This is the first semester in a two-semester introductory course focused on current theories of structure and mechanism... see more

This course presents an introduction to quantum mechanics. It begins with an examination of the historical development of... see more

This website is called SMILE- Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement. It's kind of like Merlot, but a much... see more

This review provides many details about chemical reactions and the components involved in order to make one happen, such... see more

Interactive Wolfram demonstrations of concepts in physical chemistry

This is a free course offered by the Saylor Consortium. 'Physical Chemistry II is quite different from Physical Chemistry... see more

This set of multimedia lessons, developed by the American Chemical Society, examines the process of dissolving materials... see more

'WAGmob brings you simpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for "Physics and Chemistry". You have limited access to the... see more

'* Now more than 2 thousand most important Objective questions or Multiple Choice Questions MCQs * Competition between... see more

The Materials Science and Technology Teacher's Workshop (MAST) provides this activity to look at the ways in which energy... see more

Although this is intended as an online physics course, this site also has a huge Table of Contents containing numeroous... see more

Utility allows user to set parameters of various crystal structures, from which the utility creates a .wrl file for... see more

This website from the University of Virginia provides an overview of the advancements in chemistry and physics that led... see more

This video was recorded at Kolokviji na Institutu "Jožef Stefan". High magnetic fields are one of the most powerful tools... see more

This site contains web-based programs that allow the user to predict chemical shifts, spin-spin coupling patterns and NMR... see more

This web page contains three interactive tutorials for secondary learners on the common chemicals and molecular compounds... see more

This activity is a chemistry lab-based investigation where students apply observational skills and critical thinking... see more

In this chemistry challenge, learners systematically investigate which combination of four solutions produces a deep red... see more

Go to pg 47 to view this activity. In this chemistry activity, learners explore density by using four solids and 6... see more

This self-paced animation allows the user to click through the models and explanations of Rutherford's Gold Foil... see more