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'The Boundless Communications textbook is a college-level, introductory textbook that covers the exciting subject of... see more

The 2014 National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) provides information and guidance to those that plan for,... see more

This Department-Level Showcase uses California State University - Channel Island's Communication program as a case study... see more

Download this book This book, made available by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), is suited for Business... see more

This blog is written by the librairans at Boston College University. It deals with issues of Copyright, Intellectual... see more

"This textbook has been designed to support students who are studying Communication during the first semester of the... see more

This open textbook is designed to support the learning outcomes of Fanshawe College’s first-year Common Communications... see more

30 day free trial then the cost to buy the ebook is $8.99 Communication is the life blood of any organisation. Managers... see more

This Grants Collection for Technical Communication was created under a Round Three ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.... see more

This textbook was developed as part of the Textbook Transformation Grants for the Affordable Learning Georgia project.... see more

The objective of this site is to: 1. explain terminology associated with data communications 2. outline the common data... see more

This book is about how to manage your online reputation and how to become the first thought in your stakeholder's mind.... see more

"Are you looking to take your communication skills onto the next level? Do you want to be able to tap into other’s... see more

' Communication is defined as the ability to talk with others and express thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This sounds like... see more

This course provided by eSyst describes electronics communications. An introduction explains the traditional view and... see more

This textbook introduces the reader to what being an outstanding communicator is all about. Understanding what effective... see more

"Sexy technical writing…we’ve got to be kidding, right? But no, we aren’t. Good technical writing is powerful and clear... see more

This free online textbook is part of wikibooks, so the content changes regularly. "This book will eventually cover a... see more

This three-week module, centered on a focal case, represents the second part of the Department's introduction to the... see more

Business Communication for Success (BCS) provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to the study and application of... see more

In this case study of a small group of communications majors in a large university, each student was given a handheld... see more

This textbook was written and designed especially for College of the Canyons Communications students. The following... see more