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Stocks and bonds offer potential gains for investors, but they can also help fuel the economy. The October 2016 issue ofÂ... see more

The globalization of capital flow has resulted in an increasing number of firms choosing to cross-list their stocks in... see more

Abstract: Many nurse executives and managers have had to learn financial management skills, including planning,... see more

This case study outlines the structure and implementation of an online introductory finance course developed at the... see more

The choice of financing source is particularly difficult for a small firm due to the high uncertainty about future... see more

In this article we first argue that researchers in the area of financial distress and failure cannot ignore the... see more

Numerous studies have compared student outcomes in online classes and traditional classes, but with mixed results. This... see more

Abstract: Numerous studies have compared student outcomes in online classes and traditional classes, but with mixed... see more

Central questions in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance are briefly discussed and case is made for the need for... see more

This paper studies the consequences of using a debt contract to raise venture capital for an entrepreneurial project in... see more

Financial capital is necessary not only for business formation but also for business survival and expansion: its role is... see more

We investigate the financial sources of small firms through a survey of sample firms from West Texas. Evidence shows that... see more

This study examines the sources of venture financing of Chinese entrepreneurs in Wuhan, China. Based on a sample of 222,... see more

Abstract This paper evaluates the issues and challenges associated with Hispanics financing higher education. In... see more

When tragedy strikes, how do people avoid bearing all of the costs of their loss? Learn more in the February 2017 issue... see more

Prepaid cards were invented to solve a problem: replacing coin usage in pay telephones. Since then, prepaid cards have... see more

Many people find themselves in financial trouble, but it is good to know there are options available should you need... see more

Credit bureaus have evolved into big businesses. The December 2017 issue of Page One Economics: Focus on FinanceÂ... see more

The federal individual income tax is certain. The December 2018 issue addresses basic facts about the federal individual... see more

Stock market mutual funds offer investors diversified stock market portfolios, but there are several types. Actively... see more

This paper updates information about the databases available for researchers in conducting small business financial... see more

Despite financial economists’ long-standing interest in the role of lender-borrower relationships in increasing the... see more

This paper investigates the actual performance of 2,678 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of companies that were backed by... see more

For venture capital firms, facing undiversifiable risks, multi-staged financing is an optimal contract which offers... see more