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According to the website, "In this textbook you will. cover the essential topics that make up Internet Marketing as an... see more

This textbook focuses on a specific internet marketing tools, including the basics of internet marketing, websites as... see more

To acquire hands-on experience working in groups to develop and track a short e-mail marketing newsletter using... see more

The Centre for Internet Technologies (CIT) is a research group of the School of Computing & Technology. We are based at... see more

' With the introduction of the Internet, there came many changes to the way a company might carry out a particular... see more

This site contains links to internet-based marketing articles. The site can be searched by date (August 2002 to January... see more

This is a very comprehensive list of marketing articles in a variety of topics, from advertising to supply chain... see more

This website is designed to accompany a book on e-commerce and internet marketing. It provides some excellent links of... see more

Internet marketing is the buzz word these days. Everybody wants a piece of it and everybody wants their brand to go... see more

These are a series of Assignments designed to be used with the author's textbook. The exercises first accustom the... see more

Lesson on keyword reserch for website internet marketing. What is keyword research? How is it conducted? and why is it... see more

A variety of tips and resources for instructors teaching the Google Online Marketing Challenge as part of their course.

This is a Prezi presentation designed to help shed a little light on Internet Marketing and the importanced of a well... see more

This article examines a selection of these tools. The tour makes a few observations on secondary and primary data... see more

The case study tells the start up of a new music platform for live concerts on the Internet. The real protagonists of the... see more

"The internet is ran on content and now marketers and business owners are waking up to the fact that distributing quality... see more

This etext book is a good introduction to eMarketing. There is no doubt about it—the Internet has changed the world we... see more

This module is part of a course entitled Issues in Culture and Media. There are presentations, readings and assignments... see more

While many industries have been impacted by the Internet-era, the banking sector is an industry that has faced numerous... see more

The Google Online Marketing Challenge, a MERLOT online learning object available at... see more

n case you are not familiar with Kahoot (and probably other similar websites) it is a quiz or survey that students... see more

This is a case study of the Hummer. It was designed to help students develop effective strategies for finding information... see more

Tubetorial is a web media site offerring free how-to step-by-step videos for web development designed for busy people.... see more

The traditional methods of probability and non-probability sample selection are applicable to Internet surveys and... see more