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Document regarding nursing philosophy.

This online presentation introduces the viewer to philosophy and its place in wider academy.

This is my online Philosophy of Religion Course Redesign Project page.

The Film-Philosophy Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the engagement between film studies and... see more

This guide is designed to help teach library research skills to introductory philosophy college students.

The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

This paper is a first attempt at forming and articulating my own philosophy of nursing.

This course examines fundamental issues in the philosophy of law, including the nature and content of law, its relation... see more

Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind (edited by Heather Salazar) surveys the central themes in philosophy of... see more

Where did the universe come from? Is life a result of chance, or design? If God is loving and all-powerful, why does evil... see more

This course will acquaint the student with some of the ancient Greek contributions to the Western philosophical and... see more

An introduction to Buddhist Philosophy for students starting to feel comfortable reading primary religious texts in... see more

This course will introduce you to the Western philosophical tradition, through the study of major figures such as Plato,... see more

This free resource consists of 198 podcasts. "David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (The... see more

This course is an introduction to the philosophy of language. It examines different views on the nature of meaning, truth... see more

In this introductory course on the philosophy of language, we examine views on the nature of meaning, reference, truth,... see more

Introduction to Philosophy: Logic provides students with the concepts and skills necessary to identify and evaluate... see more

This course is a seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art, with an emphasis on the ways in which it creates... see more

This PowerPoint clearly defines a philosophy of education and the critical questions to address when writing a philosophy... see more

This Introduction to Philosophy Reader was developed as an Open Textbook (OER, Open Educational Resource) for use in a... see more

This free, online textbook/course provides a brief introduction to the subject of philosophy. According to the site,... see more

This is the third volume of Philosophy Field Guide Companion Reader. It contains primary texts for the following module:... see more

Quick (one-page) reference material that offers insight for writing a philosphy of education. Clicking DOWNLOAD MATERIAL... see more

This is a textbook in modern philosophy. It combines readings from primary sources with two pedagogical tools. Paragraphs... see more