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This is an self-directed interactive PowerPoint lesson and review for students to gain an understanding of the criteria... see more

An overview of Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion This is a PowerPoint presentation at SlideShare suitable for... see more

A collection of interactive learning objects. This link is their collection of lessons related to religion - mostly brief... see more

This is my online Philosophy of Religion Course Redesign Project page.

An examination of the reasons for studying religion and religions, and the necessity for educator, student,... see more

Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion is a digital textbook used for the course ANTHRO-220 by a California Community College,... see more

Understanding the interaction of human and environmental systems requires understanding the religious dimensions to the... see more

Where did the universe come from? Is life a result of chance, or design? If God is loving and all-powerful, why does evil... see more

This website is a helpful guide for definitions and statistics concerning religion.

The site offers educational information in the form of a worldview sampler, background information on a broad range of... see more

This is a set of practice exercises on Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion. Includes flashcards, games, self... see more

This course is an anthropological exploration of religions in diverse cultural and historical contexts. Our focus will be... see more

This Philosophy of Western Religions textbook was developed as an Open Textbook (OER, Open Educational Resource) for use... see more

This course focuses on the first two clauses of the First Amendment to the US Constitution: the clauses prohibiting the... see more

BBC pages on religions practiced in the UK. The site also reports on ethical issues such as euthanasia, genetic... see more

This website gives a comprehensive overview of the compelling reasons to study Religion as an academic discipline, the... see more

Scholars broadly agree that no persuasive general theory of religion exists. Recently, however, new efforts at producing... see more

This video is featured in the Next Vista For Learning video collection, free 1-5 minute clips you can also download. In a... see more

A gateway site to religious leaders, groups, movements, and social and political reformers that shaped the British... see more

This graduate reading seminar explores the role of religious groups, institutions, and ideas in politics using social... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series - IAP - Independent Activities Period.

Our religion collection contains photomicrographs of various items that commemorate the great religions around the world.... see more

This course presents a theoretical analysis of religion as a cultural phenomenon. It explores the functional... see more

An online textbook for use with a Philosophy of Religion Course