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This learning object helps students to visualize the way different types of morphemes combine to forms words in Spanish.

Project Gutenberg supports Spanish literature by offering online Spanish books for anyone at no cost. Readers can access... see more

Spanish is not a foreign language in Texas. Many Texans speak Spanish on a regular basis at home, at work, and with... see more

Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels is designed to help Spanish language teachers gain an understanding of the ACTFL... see more

University and private language school students can practice Spanish and English speaking online. This is an excellent... see more

The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

Dictionary with parallel entries for Kechwa, English and Spanish, making it useful for native speakers of all three... see more

Podcasts and vodcasts in Spanish with downloadable transcripts at beginning and intermediate levels. Perfect for learners... see more

This is a great site for Advanced college students of Spanish and for instructors. Through this site you have access to... see more

Salón de clase, Intermediate Spanish for Education Professionals is a comprehensive intermediate Spanish open access... see more

Spanish Area is a site for learning Spanish with articles on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. There is also a... see more

Partner Only Material

'Written by physicians, and designed by an iPhone and Mac software engineer, this eloquent and thorough phrasebook is... see more

Let's review the preterite in Spanish and look at preterite tense forms, preterite conjugations, and preterite endings.

Launched in 1998, was a pioneer in educational websites. Over the years, we have provided free web-based... see more

Spanish I can be adapted for a hybrid delivery system or solely distance delivery. The course is media-rich and... see more

Speaking Spanish language with Confidence! Do you want to learn and speak Spanish with 5000+ essential phrases & words?... see more

¡Hola! We’re a team of Spanish enthusiasts producing free learning material from different places in Latin America and... see more

This is a blog on the spelling of Spanish Heritage Language Learners. It mostly explains the cause of some errors Spanish... see more

These videos from COERLL's annual Heritage Spanish workshop address different topics in heritage teaching such as:... see more

'Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera,... see more

This website was created by Terry Mirande of Pierce College to have students use math as they learn Spanish. There are... see more

The Michigan Education through Learning Objects (MELO) project is a cross-disciplinary collaborative effort that has... see more

Miriada X is the Spanish and Portuguese MOOC platform that offers you MOOCs in Spanish and Portuguese from universities... see more