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Has tons of great resources for High School chemistry teachers

This is a website that was created to support a chemistry class.

This is a guide to help libraians show chemistry classes good quality resources for doing chemistry research.

UC Irvine's OpenCourseWare (OCW) "Open Chemistry" Initiative is to provide Chemistry faculty at universities and colleges... see more

There is something new in the air and that is Green Chemistry. This educational resource website shares green chemistry... see more

This is a great site to test the student's knowledge as a whole class participation. It has online quizzes in all areas... see more

Great website with links to websites which contain tons of resources for high school chemistry teachers.

A chemistry-specific TrueType font set which can facilitate the production of chemistry documents.

This glossary is a guide to the rich vocabulary of organic chemistry and is designed by Gamini Gunawardena from Utah... see more

A collection of low-cost manuals/handbooks used for General Chemistry.

An introduction to the diverse chemistry of carbon including basic hydrocarbon nomenclature.

This lesson is an introduction to nuclear chemistry. It reviews alpha, beta and gamma decay reactions, the concept of... see more

Information on Organic reactions, organic chemistry highlights, chemicals, chemistry tools, etc

This website is called SMILE- Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement. It's kind of like Merlot, but a much... see more

Flash cards for both AP and general Chemistry. Easy to read and understand format with language that clearly and... see more

Play games, explore simulations, and get in-depth information about challenging topics in the area of chemistry at the... see more

Organic Chemistry Nomenclature is the ultimate way for Chemistry students to study and memorize the names and structures... see more

'Chemistry II is a quick reference book for standard X. Which contain Which contain Acids,Bases and Metals,Non Metals..... see more

CHEM 1212 is a 3-credit hour class that has undergone a complete curriculum and pedagogical redesign which included... see more

Created by the American Chemical Society (ACS), this website offers a set of lesson plans, multimedia demonstrations, and... see more

'This application can provide every possible formulas for anyone who study in AP Chemistry. News: This app supports iPad... see more

'This review is geared towards advanced placement students taking general chemistry, however, can also be helpful to any... see more

'This application can provide every possible formulas for anyone who study in AP Chemistry. News: This app supports iPad... see more