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One of the major learning steps of young scientists is to think critically. This fascinating site offers insight into the... see more

Thie presentation is intended to show how to write a standard philosophy paper.

This site is intended to help students in college level critical thinking classes learn some of the basic concepts of the... see more

Created by undergraduates for undergraduates, faculty and the general intellectual community, this site is a forum for... see more

This is an online course for the first semester of symbolic logic. What is distinctive is that the first half of the... see more

מאמר על קורות חייו של רודוף קרנאפ. קרנאפ תרם תרומה פורייה לתורת-ההכרה, לתורת-ההגיון המתמטית, לפילוסופיה של המדע וכן... see more

את תורת-ההגיון ניתן להגדיר כתיאוריה הקובעת מה הם תנאי ההיסק התקף, או בקיצור, כתורת ההוכחה. היסק הוא תהליך שבאמצעותו אנו... see more

From the site: " Noesis: Philosophical Research On-line is an indexing and accrediting effort dedicated to organizing the... see more

An online textbook for use with a Philosophy of Religion Course

The Indiana Philosophy Ontology (InPhO) project offers a variety of tools for students, researchers, programmers and... see more

A blog, a book and valuable resources on Zen and positive living, developing resilience for stress, and making a... see more

A comprehensive scholarly approach to the histories of Western and Eastern alchemy. This site includes hand-colored... see more

Cartoons that blend humour with philosophy and spirituality. "On the rocky path to nirvana, with a Buddhist cat, a novice... see more

הרצאות מוקלטות מתוך הקורס פילוסופיה יוונית - מתאלס עד אריסטו, שעוקב אחר התפתחותה של הפילוסופיה היוונית מהתחלותיה הראשונות... see more

This site provides a field guide for the identification and critical evaluation of all kinds of arguments and commonly... see more

Applets to help students with exercises in an introductory logic course.

This is a set of lecture notes for a course called "Introduction to Philosophy," focused on value theory (ethics, social... see more

This is an environmental ethics and consumerism course in which the attempt is made to provide materials in accordance... see more

There's more than one way to nurture an idea until it bears fruit. This simple page is a collection of questions and... see more

הרצאות וידאו בקורס פילוסופיה יוונית - מתאלס עד אריסטו. הקורס עוקב אחר התפתחותה של הפילוסופיה היוונית מהתחלותיה הראשונות... see more

Have you ever wondered if Free Speech has its limits? Well, this is the place for you. You’ve got freedom of speech, but... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Philosophy course for undergraduate students seeking to meet GE requirement by... see more

Extensive collection of links to codes of ethics of professional and other groups.

Comprehensive online encylopedia of philosophy. It includes descriptions of technical philosophical terms, movements, and... see more