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Chandurkar Designs is leading interior designers in pune, best interior designers in kharadi, kothrud, ravet, wakad,... see more

Ryan is an extensive firm specializing in high-end residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The mission of Ryan... see more

Design Addict is one of the best comprehensive resources for modern, post modern, and contemporary design of the 20th and... see more

'Interior design is a fascinating field, allowing professionals working within the industry to combine their creative... see more

The knowledge of materials and finishes is the bridge that links conceptual design to real-world application. It is among... see more

Tips on installing and painting wood trim molding.

This book is for the beginning level of both architecture and interior design students who learn computer graphic... see more

Technology advances at such a rapid pace that its effective application in higher education is often overlooked and... see more

This course examines the architecture of Ancient Rome, beginning with its origins in the eighth century BC and continuing... see more

This video was recorded at Out of the Box Seminar. My seminar will first establish my credentials, by explanation of who... see more

Open Colleges is Australia's leader in online learning. We offer over 150 flexible online courses that allow you to fit... see more

This document from Tami Katz provides an outline for a classroom unit on designing a "green" or sustainable retail space.... see more

' 'Create floor plans and interior design easily and beautyfully. Plan your renovation, relocation and change of interior... see more

"This book represents an account of the changes in the design of Decorative Furniture and Woodwork, from the earliest... see more

A peer-reviewed, open-access journal published biannually, The Journal of Learning Spaces provides a scholarly,... see more

Learning costume designer, draper, and stitcher.

Complicated and unique embroidery techniques, abundance in symbols exhibited together with old photographs to intensify... see more

Syair Sydney adalah kumpulan gambar kode syair sdy dari berbagai sumber dengan kode kode angka sdy, yang merupakan... see more

The course aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the physics related to buildings and to propose an overview... see more

The word design, like the words art, research, and writing, seems so broad that it’s hard to define. And just like anyone... see more

The Digital Commons Network: [Open Access] Architecture Commons provides you with 11,600+ Open Access full-text articles... see more

Online classes in photography, art, design, craft & DIY, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Available... see more