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This provides text description and audio examples of various heart and breath sounds. The sounds are broken up into... see more

August 2016, The link has been corrected. This site is not intended to provide research and testing on learning styles.... see more

The Contemporary Chemistry Multimedia Module is a comprehensive, well-organized set of unique, highly interactive... see more

Overview of autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and xlinked inheritance, polygenetic traits and chromosome disoders.... see more

This module covers intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid (intravascular and interstitial fluids), and includes a 6... see more

The Visual Elements Periodic Table is a product of a larger Visual Elements  project. It is an arts and science... see more

This animation uses a hose analogy to illustrate filtration, reabsorption, hydrostatic and oncotic pressures. Includes a... see more

This demonstrates how fluids move in the cellular compartments, and includes a 7 question self assessment and PDF... see more

This is a video by RegisteredNurseRN, a popular YouTube user that has plenty of easy-to-understand educational videos on... see more

This is a 7 minute, 21 second long video of a nursing student performing a head to toe assessment. This video covers all... see more

The effect of the commutator is to produce a fixed spatial distribution of current directions in the armature conductors... see more