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The site guides a student through an introduction to conceptual frameworks, help in forming a research question, the... see more

This is an interactive video dealing with photosynthesis. It does a good job of illustrating the hydrogen ion gradient... see more

How Respiratory Syncytial Virus could penetrate  and infect the respiratory tract.

Kinematics and dynamics are presented here in multimedia, at introductory and also at deeper levels. Individual video... see more

This is a good video emphasizing the light reactions of photosynthesis.

This site shows some of what Microsoft Excel can offer as a programming environment for the creation of interactive... see more

This is a tour of the basics of DNA. This would be good as a supplimental to the classroom.

The Essential Science for Teachers courses are designed to help k - 6 teachers gain an understanding of some of the... see more

Video by NOVA on photosynthesis. Good look at what people used to think, and what they think now.

Here is the code details for running a Ticker which fetches data from the database and displays it in an Applet. The... see more

The Scribbler Robot is a useful tool for learning logic and early programming skills. These videos serve as an... see more

Newton's law of motion look the same to all observers in inertial frames of reference. It is equally true that if... see more

A short video(2:50) that displays the process in which RNA is translated into protein.

Animation software for an introductory Dynamics course has been developed. This interactive software is unique because... see more

This site has nice moving videos of the types of earth quakes.

This is a hilarious video on protein synthesis. Great for a bit of laughs. What better way tp illustrate a point than... see more

The background for this movie is very simple, we found that in the fast transition from the Telcom world to the Internet... see more

This is an animation of a comparator with noisy input voltage. The device compares the voltages and switches to the... see more

Animation of an op-amp amplifier with a current input. This is a "transimpedance amplifier"-- an amplifier with a current... see more

This web site contains four animated tutorials that demonstrate different astronomy concepts. These include: Lunar Phases... see more

This animation, created by faculty at Dartmouth University, is a boost converter. The resource features other animations... see more

This is an animation of a bridge rectifier circuit or diode bridge. Voltages and parts of the circuit of this 3-D... see more

This is an animation of a capacitor-filtered half-wave rectifier circuit or buck converter. Voltages and parts of the... see more

This site offers an interactive presentation on different cell types.