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This is a great site for finding worksheets related to lessons in algebra and geometry. There are also math related... see more

This is an adaptation from the Talk or Text? learning activity found on

In this lesson, students compare different costs associated with two cell phone plans. They write equations with 2... see more

This is a technology rich lesson plan that can be used in a mathematics class to explore balancing equations.

Students will represent quadratic functions as a table, with a graph, and with an equation. They will compare data and... see more

In this cooperative learning activity, students are presented with a real-world problem: Given a mirror and laser... see more

A lesson that reinforces the major ideas involving linear functions through the real world situation of choosing between... see more

Using old batteries and a voltage sensor, students get a real feel of the meaning of negative and positive numbers.... see more

This is a lesson plan for solving systems of linear equations to Algebra 1 students. Methods to be taught include... see more

פעילות במתמטיקה העוסקת במציאת קבוצות אמת של מערכת משוואות בשני משתנים ממעלה ראשונה. קיימות שתי שיטות למציאת קבוצות אמת של... see more

This lesson plan is appropriate for Middle and High school students.  It involves building algebraic equations with with... see more

This course, presented by MIT and taught by professor Gilbert Strang, provides a review of linear algebra. Topics include... see more

This course, presented by MIT and taught by professor Gilbert Strang, provides a review of linear algebra. Topics include... see more

This unit from Illuminations focuses on collecting data and using technology to find functions to describe the data... see more

This lesson from Illuminations has students study equivalence and systems of equations while identifying and using... see more

How financial institutions use the monthly mortgage payment and mortgage amortization formulas can be a confusing concept... see more

This lesson allows students to analyze how data is graphically represented. The exercise asks the class to gather data... see more

This lesson uses real data to compile and analyze statistics. Students will analyze crime that has occurred in the local... see more

To some the mere thought of "Illuminations" may bring to mind Walter Benjamin's classic work, and still others may... see more

This lesson helps students understand financial topics (interest rates, FICO scores and loan payments) in a mathematical... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations helps students understand rational functions. The material uses the real-world... see more

This lesson helps students further their understanding of linear functions by applying the material to a real-world... see more

This learning object allows students to create a basic x � y scatter graph which can be used to find the linear... see more