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This geometry lesson from Illuminations uses the model of the orbits of Mars and Earth relative to the sun to illustrate... see more

This activity, from the Real World Learning Objects Resource Library, helps students estimate the circumference of the... see more

Explores ultraviolet light -- what it is, where it comes from, how we can detect it, and what effects it has upon us and... see more

Students build a working spectroscope to study the nature of light. (Younger students use a prism to learn about the... see more

Students measure sunspot speeds and shapes across the solar disk to determine whether the spots are on the Sun or are... see more

Students experiment with plants, light, heat, and water evaporation. They experiment with solar cells to design a simple... see more

This site, provided by the Center for Science Education at the University of California Berkeley, contains an activity to... see more

This presentation activity from the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) Sustainable Energy... see more

Students will learn about the position of Earth in the solar system and why the position matters to life on Earth.... see more

A site has been posted containing problems appropriate for courses in introductory Astronomy. Problems in basic Physics... see more

This webquest introduces students to the website and provides a deepr exploration of the factors that... see more

פעילות זו מיועדת לתלמידים לקויי למידה ובה עונים התלמידים על שאלות המתייחסות לטקסט בספר הלימוד "מישור החוף התיכון והדרומי... see more

פעילות זו מיועדת לתלמידים לקויי למידה ובה עונים התלמידים על שאלות המתייחסות לטקסט בספר הלימוד "מסע אל העבר: קדמה... see more

This site has fully developed activities, handouts, and even a test covering sunrise and sunset direction, moon face,... see more

Solar System mobile project for middle school physical science. (Find link to lesson plan at bottom of website)

Habitable Worlds examines one of the greatest questions mankind has ever asked: are we alone? This module has been... see more

This is a website that has created worksheets to companion science movies and series such as Bill Nye, Nova, and... see more