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The Earth Through Time module examines our planet in terms of its major systems; the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere,... see more

Students compare carbon dioxide (CO2) data from Mauna Loa Observatory, Barrow (Alaska), and the South Pole over the paast... see more

Students explore a Global Energy Balance Climate Model Using Stella II. Response of surface temperature to variations in... see more

Students describe and interpret glacial features exposed in gravel pits and outcrops.

At the end of a six-week class or unit on global warming, students role-play representatives from various countries and... see more

This Stella model allows students to learn about chemical mass balance in the atmosphere and apply this to atmospheric... see more

Students use Excel to graph and analyze Vostok ice core data (160,000 years of Ice core data from Vostok Station). Data... see more

This module contains an 8-lesson curriculum to study greenhouse gases and global warming using data and visualizations.... see more