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Since 2003, The Free Library has offered a humongous collection of literary classics, up-to-date periodicals/articles in... see more

סביבת למידה מתוקשבת בנושא מולדת לכיתות ד'. הסביבה עוסקת בהכרות הדתות השונות בעיר חיפה, ופותחה כפרויקט במסגרת קורס בנושא... see more

Documentary Wire is a community driven search engine designed to bring you the best documentaries on the Internet. View... see more

סביבת למידה מתוקשבת לכיתות ו' המלמדת על זהויות של קהילות שונות: יהודים, נוצרים, מוסלמים ודרוזים בדגש של חיים וקיום רב... see more

A full-length documentary examining society and life among the Amish, with particular emphasis on the ability of this... see more

ספר אלקטרוני וחומרי למידה בקורס. הקורס עוסק בדת האסלאם באמצעות דיון בהתפתחות ההיסטורית של מוסדות ורעיונות מראשית האסלאם... see more

Radio programs on religion and ethics from the BBC. Link to the BBC guide to the religions of the World and the BBC... see more

BBC pages on religions practiced in the UK. The site also reports on ethical issues such as euthanasia, genetic... see more

The Center makes white paper studies of First Amendment issues available to students and professors. Topics range from... see more

A collection of links to numerous online videos on a variety of topics related to religion. Provides direct access to... see more

A collection of instructional strategies to promote active learning in the classroom on topics related to a variety of... see more

An extensive exhibition with commentary on Arabic manuscripts found in Timbuktu, Mali, the commercial center founded in... see more

CCEL is a theological library containing 1000+ of the most important public-domain works. Various topics include: books... see more

An on-line edition of Milton's complete poetry and selected prose for students and scholars. The poetry is fully... see more

This liturgical library is a collection of authorized and other texts used in the Church of England and in the wider... see more

Cyber Hymnal contains over 4,700 Christ-ian hymns & Gos-pel songs from ma-ny de-nom-in-a-tions. You?ll find lyr-ics,... see more

This online hymnal contains texts and MIDI files of tunes used in much of the English-speaking world, with particular... see more

How written Arabic developed and how the Koran was assembled.

This online collection is maintained on the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. It contains... see more

Website for the study of the Hebrew Bible - Part of the "Assisting you to learn" set of websites.

Website for the academic courses on Judaism - Part of the Assisting You to Lean set of websites

Website for courses in the history of the "second temple" period. Part of the Assisting You to Learn set of websites