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The U.S. Census Bureau Statistics in Schools program provides resourcs for teaching and learning with real life data. The... see more

Promotes the development of Bayesian statistical theory and its application to problems in science, industry and... see more

This site offers links to a multitude of data tables in pdf format. Topics include national trends in injury,... see more

The Global Change Master Directory is a very large directory to Earth science data and services. Users can search for... see more

This site, created by George Mason University and the Center for Media and Public Affairs, presents many articles on... see more

This site provides links to tests and quizzes for the Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Policy and Sociology course... see more

This website, created by, is a statistical database, which allows you to research and compare different... see more

This site, created by David Howell of the University of Vermont, gives the outlines and shows the lessons for psychology... see more

This site contains materials for a college level undergraduate statistics course. The approach places emphasis on... see more

This goal of this resource is to aid in the understanding of the relationship between statistics and the scientific... see more

This resource is an independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. The site gives examples of... see more

This web page, authored by the United State Census Bureau, contains statistics about the current population. Some of... see more

A good resource for problems in statistics in engineering. Contains some applets, and good textual examples related to... see more

Created by Alan Heckert and James Filliben, this page, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... see more

This page, created by the Department of Biology at Colby College, is a guide to writing and using statistics in the field... see more

The eighth chapter of an online Introduction to Biostatistics course created by the faculty at the University of... see more

Created by Dr. Robert Huber of Bowling Green State University, this page lists the laboratories and java projects for a... see more

This collection of applets, created by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is designed illustrate key concepts described in... see more

This curriculum, created by Mark Kaelin of Montclair State University, focuses on developing scientific and statistical... see more

This applet, created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, allows students to explore three methods for... see more

Created by Rachel Cunliffe, Ross Parsonage and Matt Regan, faculty members at Auckland University (New Zealand), this... see more

Created by the Department of Statistics at UCLA, this collection of case studies includes the following topics: stock... see more

This is a collection of time series datasets covering many application areas, but are all for time series analysis. Some... see more

This NSF funded project provides worksheets and laboratories for introductory statistics. The overview page contains... see more