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The National Institute of Corrections hosts a wealth of information for anyone in criminal corrections, by "providing... see more

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Demography Centers website contains a wealth of resources and data on aging. The... see more

A collection of classified JavaScript learning objects to enhance learning statistical concepts.

This JavaScript provides the optimal solution to the two-person zero-sum games with up to five strategies for each... see more

In decision-making under pure uncertainty, the decision-maker has no knowledge regarding any of the states of nature... see more

It is JavaScript that computes Bayes' posterior discrete probabilities given a subjective prior probability vector and... see more

This site, created by David Howell of the University of Vermont, gives the outlines and shows the lessons for psychology... see more

A JavaScript-based process that determines the decision maker's utility function.

The Virtual psychology classroom. AllPsych Online is one of the largest and most comprehensive psychology websites on the... see more

A JavaScript that tests a claimed on equality of means of three independent populations based on three sets of random... see more

Provides the necessary tools for the identification, estimation, and forecasting based on autoregressive order one... see more

A JavaScript that constructs confidence intervals for difference in means and the ratio of variances for two populations,... see more

It is a JavaScript that detects the existence of trends and strong autocorrelation.

It is a JavaScript for forecasting based on moving average and exponential smoothing methods.

This goal of this resource is to aid in the understanding of the relationship between statistics and the scientific... see more

It is a JavaScript that tests statistical equality of two populations based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic.

Picture Projects, a company specializing in media documentaries, produced; this specialization gives the... see more

It is a JavaScript that tests if two or more random samples are drawn from the same population.

This site contains materials for a college level undergraduate statistics course. The approach places emphasis on... see more

Regression models are often constructed based on certain conditions that must be verified for the model to fit the data... see more

It is a JavaScript that combines the subjective estimates with the evidence-based estimates for the mean and the... see more

It is a JavaScript that computes the required sample size for estimating the mean with an acceptable accuracy and/or... see more

It is a JavaScript for construction of scattered diagram and determination of the outliers

It is a JavaScript that test a claim on equality of means in the two-way ANOVA test for block designs with replications.