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This is an interactive material that describes average cost and the break even point.  

This lesson concerns the interrelated concepts of scarcity, choice, and costs. The objectives are to Define the... see more

In this lesson plan, students will learn to Explain why collectibles are a high-risk investment option; Explain how... see more

In this lesson plan, students will learn the concepts of Deflation, Inflation and Opportunity cost. Through deciding to... see more

Students are proposed the question, "How can modern men and women provide for the needs and wants of the world's growing... see more

The purpose of this module is to provide students access to easily understood, timely interpretations of monthly... see more

Through interactive graphs, ThinkEconomics illustrates basic economic principles that are taught in a college-level... see more

This is a lesson plan to illustrate the concept of market share and market power through a linked article. The plan helps... see more

This lesson plan includes a link to an article for students to read. The purpose of the plan is for students 1) to... see more

This is a lesson plan that emphasizes the importance of social cooperation. The purpose of the plan is to help students... see more

This lesson plan and its linked article help students to understand the basic incentive structure economic systems... see more

This site has about 20 ideas for student projects/assignments for teaching economics. Students must access information on... see more

This lesson concerns the unemployment rate and provides current statistics, as well as short cases. Students are shown... see more

This site shows how to develop a budget. Students enter expected earnings (based on a variety of positions) and then are... see more